About Us.



As an investor, Premier Properties’ ability of aggressive and rapid transaction execution, coupled with our proven turnaround expertise has repeatedly delivered above market returns on investment. Our unique hands-on and innovative approach enables us to materialize added value hidden in distressed, mismanaged assets or other turnaround situations. Premier also utilizes its extensive Broker and Owners’ network to acquire off-market, stabilized assets producing strong and secure long term cash flow. With a focus on strong markets in B and better locations, our ability to upgrade and improve the asset profile has repeatedly proven successful while significantly increasing cash flow and appreciating value.

As an operator Premier takes great pride in creating a first class environment for our tenants, building thriving communities, as well as highly desirable, cutting-edge work space. We invest heavily in upgrading a property’s image to create a pride-of-use for all our commercial and residential tenants. Our staff is hand-picked to provide superior services and build meaningful relationships. Our Tenants are our passion!


Speed & Decisiveness

Premier’s skill of identifying and evaluating opportunities, and its readily employable capital pool, lends it a unique advantage over its competitors to pursue and execute complex transactions with speed and decisiveness.

Fundamentals & Results

With a focus on strong, thriving markets in B and better location our ability to upgrade and improve the asset profile has repeatedly proven successful while significantly increasing value and cash flow.

Attention to Detail

Our proactive management style allows us to cultivate opportunities, increase revenue, lower expenses and generate greater and more efficient asset turnaround.

Building & Improving

With both, tenants and partners in mind, our goal remains to improve assets, enhance Tenant experience and add true and organic value that can withstand market turbulence.


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Jack Adler


Mr. Adler is a hands-on leader with vast experience dealing with all aspects of real estate, and maintains strong relationships with investors, banks, and numerous real estate funds. Among other responsibilities, Jack maintains an active role in all management and renovation activities and works creatively to cut costs, while improving the aesthetics and value of the properties. Mr. Adler also handles an array of financial, banking, private and institutional investors and vendor relations with a focus on the corporate activities of the firm and its transactions.

Isaac Gluck


Isaac is highly regarded for his instinctual ability to recognize neighborhoods and properties with untapped potential and for his outstanding relationships within the professional community. Leveraging his knowledge and experience in property management, Mr. Gluck skillfully oversees construction projects, plans, coordinates and executes the capital improvement projects for Premier’s portfolio of properties. With an eye for detail and keen understanding of management, Mr. Gluck excels at providing strategic and tactical direction for Premier’s management and construction projects. He implements systemized methods to best utilize the materials and human resources for maximum productivity.